Marble, Granite or Silestone are great materials to use in all kinds of areas. Famous examples of where marble is used are the Taj Mahal in India, The Supreme Courthouse in Washington, D.C Aphrodite of Milo in Louvre Paris or the Pieta of Michelangelo in St Peter in Vatican. Marble make the ordinary design luxurious. Here you can find all kinds of ideas where and how to use marble, granite or Silestone in your home to make it your own little palace…

Slabs & Stones

It all starts with slabs or stones in the various natural stones. We sell all kinds of different slabs from all over the world but especially from Spain. We have a variety of thicknesses but also stones in different sizes.


Marble is a great material to cover floors, it can be used with large tiles (120 x 120 cm) or small ones depending on your preference. All sorts of different patterns and different colours make your floor unique. Easy to maintain and very durable. 


Wall covering inside gives an extraordinary look to your interior. Big tiles to cover a complete wall with a specific pattern looks like a painting. But also covering a fireplace or staircase is beautiful.


Staircases will look astonishing if made out of marble. It gives a luxurious look and makes it very stylish. Majestic staircases are always in marble, but you can have the same look in your home.

Worktops & Kitchens

Kitchens get a really beautiful look when the worktop is made of marble or granite, and incorporating the splashback or wall with the same material makes it complete. The possibilities are endless and the tops last a life long.

Worktops can be made with all kinds of edge profiles. The most common ones are shown below but we have also different fantasy edges which we can provide as well. Ask us for the one you like.


In one of the rooms in your house you can go all out in marble. From sink to floor and bathtub to walls, which can all be made of marble. Taking a bath or a shower will give you a spa experience and a luxurious sensation in your own home.


If you would like to have a unique piece of furniture, you should think about a marble or granite tabletop or a cabinet with marble. The coloration of natural stones is like a fingerprint, they are always unique. And we have all kinds of colours to match your furniture. Sizes or dimensions can always be custom-made for you.