Frequently Asked Questions

Put a few drops of water on your marble and leave it for a few minutes (4-5 minutes). Wipe up the liquid, if a dark spot or stain is left behind, then it’s time to seal or polish your worktop or floor. Don’t worry about the water leaving a spot behind; the liquid should evaporate within half an hour

Although granite can withstand heat it is not recommendable to put a hot pan directly on the worktop. Always use a table mat or coaster.

Although the granite worktop is very durable it is not to recommended to use a knife directly on the worktop. Always use a chopping board to keep the worktop from scratching.

Marble or granite are considered luxury products but you will be surprised how affordable it is. Of course, you have quite a different range of prices depending on the country of origin, coloration or availability. Some colours are more common than others. Ask for a quotation and you might be surprised.

We ship all kinds of products internationally, from complete slabs to tiles or furniture. All transportation is done with special care to protect the products from getting damaged during transport.

We can make anything you desire from our raw material. Special patterns in floors
or walls, all sizes of tables in every form. Under page “products” you will
find some examples of how you can use the different materials. Let us know what
you like and ask for a quotation.